The Music Of Peter Oye Sagay

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Preacher tells me, I am hell-bound, fire brimestone. Preacher, hear O. Am saved. Yes am saved, saved ...

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Time In Between

There is a time to be born and a time to die. What about the time in between...

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Be Ready

Life's journey starts from the time you're born. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you must be ready ...

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Why I Love You

Why I Love you, why I love you, many reasons why I love you ...

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The Promised Land

Come lets go to That Land, The Promised Land. There is Peace in That Land, The Promised Land. There is ...

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Love Me

Love me, love me. Will you love me, love me when my beauty is no more, Will you love me, love me when am...

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What is Time?
St Augustine On Time
Bergson On Time
Heidegger On Time
Kant On Time
Sagay On Time
What is Space?
Newton On Space
Space Governance
Imperfect Leaders
Essence Of Mathematics
Toolness Of Mathematics
The Number Line
The Windflower Saga
Who Am I?
Primordial Equilibrium
Primordial Care
Force Of Being

All songs here are meant for good. Any evil interpretations of any song here, are figments of the imaginations of the interpreters.

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